No return to the thirties: an eyewitness warning


Jean Edmond looks back to the poverty and defeats of the 1930s, and warns against them returning. This article appeared in Issue 10 of the Northern Star, a Leeds based publication.


My name is Jean Edmond. I was born on 19th March 1921 in Bootle near Liverpool, the daughter to a struggling housewife and an irregularly employed docker. I was the sixth sibling and followed a baby brother, William who had died two years earlier aged six weeks from measles. His death greatly scarred and embittered my father who had to take household possessions to pawn in order to pay for the funeral.

My father came from a Westmoreland family who had walked all the way down to Liverpool in search of work in the 1880’s. My mothers’ family had emigrated  from Riga in Latvia in order to escape both poverty and the pogroms. My (mothers’ side) father had…

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